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SkyBlue Media’s Data-Driven DOOH balances intelligent targeting with mainstream appeal, leveraging rich deterministic information to make outdoor messages impactful, targeted, and real.

We work with you to understand your specific needs. Our in-house team plans, designs, coordinates, develops, executes, and monitors all of our campaigns.

We can provide all of these services, or simply augment your team wherever required. With our team’s collective experience, we have successfully executed thousands of interactive and digital campaigns across Malaysia for clients.

The SkyBlue Approach


Around the world, digital out-of-home (DOOH) inventory has begun to be sold programmatically. As major players in the DOOH space of Malaysia, we make programmatic a top priority. Programmatic DOOH enables our clients to achieve more accurate targeting of niche environments while reaching previously unsegmented key audiences.

SkyBlue Media was the first company to introduce Digital LED screens to Malaysia, replacing traditional billboard screens. Today, we are bringing Audience Intelligence to the fore by integrating programmatic buying techniques into DOOH. Our Audience Intelligence advertising tool works on the principle of geo-fencing (as narrow as 50 m radius) and provides real-time information on places, people, and products. We convert raw data into audiences, then further refine it to provide people and location insights, develop target marketing, and determine what is and isn’t working in real time.

SkyBlue Media’s innovative technologies in DOOH offer new opportunities for engagement and interactivity, such as audience-driven mobile integrations and live feeds of events.

This platform processes massive data from smart environments such as mobile apps to understand consumer behaviour at a global scale. Our programmatic DOOH service helps make data-driven decisions, which enable clients to visualize, engage, and analyse audiences. Audience Intelligence is particularly important when considering the digital space and consumers’ tendencies to move towards digital platforms. SkyBlue Media’s technology brings AI and transparency together for our clients.

The future is automated, and that means that programmatic DOOH is the way forward. By using external data feeds, it’s possible to deliver content relevant to a particular place. This helps to improve targeting, which in turn makes campaigns highly relevant to the observing audience and results in the best branding for our clients.

The Frontrunners in Innovation

LED Overhead Foot Bridges
Why Us?
  • Optimise your budget usage with multiple Digital OOH (DOOH) sites across a network, instead of a single static billboard.
  • Get maximum coverage for your budget with our ‘spot buy pricing’ feature.
  • Choose individual locations or a combination of various locations with our network of over 200 screens.
  • Stay flexible with your media exposure plan based on time slots (peak / off peak) and day slots (weekdays / weekends).
  • Use multiple creatives for multiple products across different screens and locations at NO ADDITIONAL COST.
  • Deliver highly influential programmatic DOOH campaigns for your desired audience.

Why SkyBlue Media?

Outdoor Advertising Solutions

Under the stewardship of Dato'Manikandamurthy Velayoudam, Managing Director, SkyBlue Media Sdn Bhd, SkyBlue Media has received numerous awards and accolades around the region.

ASEAN Business Awards (ABA) 2018

Malaysia Winner of SME Excellence – Innovation Award

ASEAN Mentorship for Entrepreneurs Network (AMEN)

Pioneer Mentor Award

ASEAN India Business Council (AIBC)

ASEAN-India Achievement Excellence Award 2017

Winner of Industry Excellence Award

2016 in Digital Media given by ASEAN Business Award Malaysia (ABAM)


Outdoor Advertising Solutions
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